1834 Chewett: City of Toronto and Liberties

Toronto was incorporated on 6 March 1834, and divided into five wards. Within the city limits liberties or suburbs attached to each ward. The Military Reserve stretches from Peter St. to Dufferin, but the part east of Garrison Creek is noted as being 'under Survey,' i.e. proposed for subdivision. See more [here]. A public wharf, built in 1833 and shortly to be renamed the Queen's Wharf, is shown at the foot of Bathurst Street. The Naval Wharf is just east of Peter Street.

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1834 Plan of the City of Toronto and Liberties, by JG Chewett

City of Toronto and Liberties by J.G. Chewett 
Surveyor Generals Office 24th June 1834 [Sgd] S.P. Hurd S.G.

Image courtesy Toronto Public Library: MsX.1918.1.3
Winearls, MUC No. 2065 (2)

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