1945 Toronto Terminals Railway: Toronto Viaduct - Plan of Trackage between Don Station & Bathurst Jct AS CONSTRUCTED

photo: aerial of Toronto waterfront railway trackage in early 1950s
Aerial of trackage in 1951. Photograph
courtesy of the Canada Science and
Technology Museum, Ottawa: CN002868
This very large and detailed plan—the original is perhaps twenty feet long—shows the network of railways across the front of Toronto when it was very near at its zenith, just as the Second World War was coming to a close. Canada's railways had been the sinews of industry during the conflict and, with gas-rationing in force, were essential to personal travel.

Even today, although the area has been largely redeveloped for residential and commercial uses, the imprints of some of the sidings and spur-lines shown here appear throughout the area as 'ghost corridors' and odd-shaped buildings.

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Toronto Terminals Railway | Toronto Viaduct | Plan of Trackage between Don Station and Bathurst Junction. As constructed. Toronto: 6 February 1945, Scale 1 inch = 100 feet. 26/56
Courtesy of Toronto Terminals Railway. With files from David Dennis and DTAH.

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