1891 Map of the Lunatic Asylum Toronto

Landscape has long been held to have restorative powers, and those running the Asylum wanted their patients to enjoy walking in the grounds, since their liberties were constrained otherwise. Curvilinear paths, ornamental flower beds, orchards and plantations of trees all contributed to feelings of  repose, while three splashing fountains added animation and delight. One stood in front on axis with the main door; two others were in the quadrangle formed by the principal building and its wings. A greenhouse was built to nurture seedlings and provide flowers during the colder months.

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Map of the Lunatic Asylum Toronto, December 23, 1891

Map of the Lunatic Asylum Toronto, December 23, 1891. Ontario Department of Public Works
Image courtesy Archives of Ontario. RG 15-18-1, Vol. 17-7.

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