1850 Vavasour: Plans shewing the Military Reserves

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1850 Vavasour: Plan of the Garrison Reserve ['Sketch shewing the relative position of the Lots A & B...'

Sketch shewing the relative position of the Lots A & B alluded to in a Memorial to the Honble. Board dated 29th Dec. 1849 praying for the grant of either of the two Lots, in aid towards the construction of a Church in Victoria Square.

Signed Henry Vavasour Col. Comg. RI. Engineer, 27 June 1850. Drawn by R I Pilkington.
Image courtesy of UK National Archives: MPH 1/1161/3.

For comparison — another version by Vavasour a few months later:

No. 20 Toronto, C.W. Plan shewing the Military Reserves containing about 182 Acres. exclusive of the portion leased to the Corporation. [Sgd] Henry Vavasour Col. Comg. RI. Engineer Canada 26 October; Copy W.F. Lambert Lieut. RI. Engrs. August 29th 1850.
Colour lithograph in the Archives of Canada, Ottawa.

Image courtesy of the TPL: T1850/4Msm [See also: LAC NMC4471]
Winearls, MUC no. 175 (20)

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