2012 Stewart: Fort York National Historic Site showing The Encampment

In 2012 Fort York hosted The Encampment, a large-scale public participatory art installation commissioned by Luminato and City of Toronto, for the War of 1812 Commemoration. Executed under the direction of Thom Sokoloski and Jenny Anne McCowan, the installation “proposes the archaeological encampment as its metaphor. A dig for artifacts is replaced by a dig into the collective memory of a public space and its history.”

Some 200 tents housed separate art displays inspired by individuals living in the Canadas from the War of 1812, evoking the stories of “an assemblage of peoples including First Nations, European immigrants, African Canadians, as well as European and Native loyalists expelled from the United States after the American Revolution.” The installations were implemented by a team of approximately 100 interdisciplinary artists and creative collaborators. During the 17-day exhibition period, including evenings, when the installation was open to the public some 10,000 visitors came out specially to see it.

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Aerial photo of The Encampment at Fort York, for Luminato 2012

Aerial view of Fort York National Historic Site, looking south, showing The Encampment (a project of Luminato Festival), June 2012.
Photo by Tim Stewart. Image courtesy The Fort York Foundation

The programme for The Encampment may be examined here.

The Encampment - 2012 documentary produced by Regent Park Film School + Luminato

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