Contemporary Satellite and Aerial Imagery

The advent of Google maps and similar online digital services has transformed the way that we interact with mapping data. Access to such detailed imagery was previously only available in paper form at some cost or inconvenience; now anyone with an internet connection can easily view a wealth of satellite or airplane perspectives, zoom in on details, and pan around to consider the larger context. Street labels can be turned on or off for ease of identification.

Today Fort York is an urban oasis, surrounded on all sides by the frenetic city it once guarded. Development in the former lands occupied by the Military Reserve continues apace, but the Fort itself remains as a witness to Canada’s military history and the evolution of Toronto.

Google Maps – Satellite View

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Image courtesy Google, DigitalGlobe, First Base Solutions

Bing Maps - Bird’s Eye View

An intriguing feature offered by the Bing mapping service is the bird’s eye oblique views, which may be rotated (in addition to the regular zooming and panning) such that N, E, S, or W is ‘up’, offering novel perspectives.

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Image courtesy Microsoft Corporation & MDA Geospatial Services Inc.

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