1872 Moberly: Plan Showing the Present and Proposed Docks at Toronto

View of the NRC grounds looking east, 1861-2.
GTR grain elevator in distance.
Image courtesy City of Toronto Archives SC-347
Clarence Moberly was the Chief Engineer of the Northern Railway of Canada from 1863-73, succeeding Sandford Fleming.

This plan in microfiche form fails to convey as easily as the colour wash on the original does, that two of the five docks within the Northern’s depot will be new, intended to handle its profitable business in lumber from Simcoe County and Muskoka bound for markets in the booming American cities south of the Great Lakes.

Click here to view a set of five remarkable photographs of the Northern Railway of Canada grounds circa 1861-2.


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Map: 1872 Moberly: Plan showing the present and proposed docks at Toronto

Northern Railway of Canada | Plan Showing the Present and Proposed Docks at Toronto. Plan A.
CW Moberly, Ch. Engr, N.R.C. Engineer's Office, N.R.C. December 11th, 1872
Image courtesy University of Toronto Map and Data Library: NMC22849. [See LAC: NMC22849 for original]

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