Wharves and Waterfront

Residence of Sir Richard Bonnycastle in 1840. Front & Peter, SW corner
Based on an 1890 sketch by Owen Staples. Image courtesy TPL: JRR562
No one contributed more to the development of Toronto's west downtown than Capt. Richard Henry Bonnycastle who commanded the Royal Engineers in the Western District of Upper Canada and resided in York [Toronto] in 1832-37. His home, seen here in a later sketch, stood in the Engineers’ Yard on the lakeshore at the foot of Peter Street. Trained as a military engineer, he was also an artist, author of several books on Canada, and collector of specimens from nature that he promised to Charles Fothergill's planned museum (p5) on the Garrison Common.

Working with Lieut.-Governor Sir John Colborne, Bonnycastle laid out for sale and development the Military Reserve east of Garrison Creek, and proposed that the bank along the lake west of Brock [Spadina] St. be set aside as a public promenade. The latter was intended to continue the 30-acre Walks & Gardens Trust of 1818 across the front of York. Bonnycastle moved to Kingston in 1837 and was knighted for his skillful organization of its defense during the 1837-38 rebellion.

1833 Bonnycastle: No.2 Plan of Comparison [. . . ] - ‘Pier now erecting by the Provincial Government’

1846 Howard: Chart of the North Shore of Toronto Harbour & 1846 Howard: Toronto Harbour 

1851 Gordon: Toronto Plan to Accompany the Returns called for by Board’s Order

1852 Howard: Sketch of a Design for Laying out the North Shore of the Toronto Harbour in Pleasure Drives Walks and Shrubbery for the Recreation of the Citizens
1853 Scobie: General Plan of Arrangements for Railway Termini for the City of Toronto with Provision for Public Walks

1855 Gordon: Sketch of the Old Fort showing in yellow the ground taken and filled by the Grand Trunk Railway Company . . . complained of by Doctor Hallowell

1859: Plan showing the line of the Grand Trunk Railway in the City of Toronto [Wharves]

1862 Turner: Sketch of Toronto Harbour showing the Entrance Channels, soundings position of the Batteries etc.

1872 Moberly: Plan Showing the Present and Proposed Docks at Toronto

1912 Olmsted/Toronto Harbor Commissioners Engineering Department: Waterfront Development [Detail]

1940 Tvedte: Camp Little Norway

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