1836 Bonnycastle/Nicolls: Copy of Final Approved Plan By Command — Government House Reserve

The subdivision and sale of lands in the Reserve east of Garrison Creek was well along when Lieutenant-Governor Sir Francis Bond Head put a hold on two adjacent parcels as the site for a future Government House overlooking Lake Ontario between Peter and Brock Streets [Spadina]. This plan supports his intent. When the British Government refused to sanction the building of a new vice-regal residence, however, a new plan was drawn up. In 1837 a 3-acre area at the east end of Wellington Place was set aside for Clarence Square; the lakeshore lot became the Royal Engineers yard; and the balance of the lands were sold for private development.

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Map: Copy of Final Approved Plan By Command, 1836 R.H. Bonnycastle / Gustavus Nicolls

Copy of Final Approved Plan By Command, (signed) R.H. Bonnycastle, Captn Royal Engineers, Wesn. District Royal Engineers Office Toronto — U.C. 25th Octr 1836. G. Nicolls Colonel Comg Rl Engr Canada Quebec 8 December 1836. [Drafted by:] T.G.W. Eaststaff

Image courtesy Toronto Public Library: T1836/4Msm (LAC: NMC 48023)
Winearls, MUC no. 2064 (14)

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