1968 Somerville, McMurrich & Oxley: Master Plan—Queen Street Mental Health Centre

The Somerville, McMurrich & Oxley Master Plan of 1968, commissioned by the Ontario Ministries of Government Services and Health, contains two site plans for the Queen Street Mental Health Centre. The plans show (in somewhat lurid hues): the Centre as it then existed; and their proposal for the built-out site by 1976.

These plans reflect the provincial government's highly-controversial decision, made in 1962-64, to demolish the 1845-68 original Asylum structures. Subsequently, the original superintendent's/nurses' residence (1878, dem. 1978) in present-day Shaw Park was also demolished, and the Joseph Workman Auditorium (1979, dem. 2010) was added at the main entrance on Queen Street. It was in 1979 that the municipal address was changed from 999 to 1001.

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Somerville, McMurrich & Oxley Master Plan - Queen Street Mental Health Centre

Existing Site Plan (1968), Fig.1 p1
Image courtesy Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Archives

Site Plan of Completed Project, Fig. 4, p5
Image courtesy Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Archives

In 2010, a commemorative series of plaques was erected at various points around the facility, documenting the preservation of the surviving elements of the Historic Boundary Walls and the two adjacent Historic Workshop Buildings. For more on the plaques and their locations, see here.

The following plan takes us up to the present (circa 2012) for the buildings and streets.

2012 CAMH—Queen Street Site Map.
Image courtesy Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Archives.

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