1889: Exhibition Grounds Bird's Eye View

That’s the old Crystal Palace in the left foreground, moved in 1879 and rebuilt in a new configuration. That same year the York Pioneers dismantled the Scadding Cabin at its original location on Queen Street near the Don River, and re-erected it in the Exhibition Grounds. It is seen in the lower left corner of the view next to a second, identical cabin raised by the Pioneers to show they still had the right stuff. The Fort RouillĂ© Monument, unveiled in 1887 to mark the site of the French fort of 1750-59 at Toronto, is near the head of the pier. See the Goad's Insurance Plans for 1884 and 1894 for something of a guide to other, more distant buildings.

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1889: Exhibition Grounds Bird's Eye View, Toronto

Exhibition Grounds, 1889
Image courtesy Exhibition Place Archives

Fans of Bird’s Eye Views may enjoy contrasting the above with the following sketches:

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