1870 Wily: Toronto Old Fort/Toronto New Barracks - New

This remarkably modest plan was made to document the momentous occasion in 1870 when the British military withdrew permanently from Canada, and turned over to Ottawa all military establishments across the country. The New Fort at Toronto was transferred in July and the 'Old' Fort and service buildings in September.

What is apparent in comparing this plan with its predecessors of 1841 and 1846 is the proliferation of service and secondary buildings that has come to surround the main square. These are distinguished between 'old' and 'new' buildings in the legend.

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1870 Wily: Toronto Old Fort/Toronto New Barracks - New

(duplicate) Toronto Old Fort, (duplicate) Toronto New Barracks
Thomas Wiley, 1870.

Image courtesy Library and Archives Canada: NMC-23157

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