1833 Bonnycastle: No. 2 Plan of Comparison [shewing ... the site of the new Barrack...]

This is the second of a connected series of three plans made at York, UC, in October 1833 by Capt. Richard Bonnycastle, Senior Royal Engineer in the Western District of Upper Canada, working under close direction from Lieutenant-Governor Sir John Colborne. The other maps in the series are [here] and [here]. A short while before, Colborne had been authorized to sell part of the Military Reserve to allow for the town’s expansion, with the proceeds going to the construction of a new fort.

Map No. 2 shows a small portion of the Town of York and the whole of the Reserve, reduced in extent as it was then. Projected on the plan were a grid of new streets and public spaces east of Garrison Creek, and a star-shaped outline of the new fort. For the most part the streets were extensions of existing ones, although the pattern of public spaces that distinguishes that area of the city today was not yet firm.

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(Oct.) 1833 Bonnycastle: No. 2 Plan of Comparison shewing ... the site of the new Barrack...

No. 2 Plan of Comparison shewing, in yellow, the site of the new Barrack and Work around it at A; the Wharf B, and Tower C, proposed for the defence of the entrance of the Harbour of York, the Capital of Upper Canada and a chief Port for commerce on the Lake Ontario to be proceeded upon, if approved, as means shall be furnished from the Sale of that part of the Military Reserve given up for the improvement of the Town. Royal Engineer Office York, Upper Canada 31st October 1833 (Signed) R.H. Bonnycastle Capn Royl Engineers Western District U.C. Royal Engineer Office 24 Decr 1833. [Sgd] Gusts Nicolls Colonel Comg Rl Engineers Canada.

Image courtesy Library and Archives Canada: NMC16817
Winearls, MUC no. 2063 (3)

Note the remarkable shoal tower in the lake off Fort York connected to Gibraltar Point by a long breakwater; and also the 'New Pier' (later named the Queen's Wharf) is 'now erecting' south of the fort.

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